Testimonials, Peninsula Gardens Hotel Kas

Patrick Loughrey

Hello, Myself and my girlfriend got back from Peninsula Gardens a couple of weeks ago – we had a lovely time and put a very good review on Trip Advisor for you. Mustafa mentioned that if we wanted to come again next year to contact you early to see if you can arrange a deal for us. What are your thoughts? Best Wishes, Patrick

Carole Caplin

Being a secret shopper to test spa’s and holiday  destinations has been part of my occupation for 30 years. I’m fussy, exacting and not often polite. Which is why I was both amused and irritated to see a critique by a honey mooning Turkish couple’s review of the hotel where I happen to be holidaying (of secret shopper duty I might add!!) apart from their understandable disappointment re their room their communication was as follows Suite for honeymoon cancelled 2 days before! There the terrace for the restaurants stinks like toilet.

Kaş isn’t 20 minutes by walking like they told us but 10 minutes by taxi. An employee is sitting at the pub every night to calculate the bills of every customer in front of everybody Actually what happened was that the main manager tried to get in touch with them and sent them an e mail 5 days before not 2 days before and offered them a full refund a room called Pearl- a deluxe room – not an inferior room by any stretch of imagination at cost price placed wine & flowers on arrival with an apology note arranged private transfers to/ from Dalaman airport at no cost at all offered a dinner at the hotel given them another dinner at Nur with private car transfers. Given them an hour partner massage. Just for the avoidance of doubt and because it would be a crime not to describe accurately what a hidden little Jewel this hotel is let me create a picture for you.

Having not had a holiday in two years I was a scratchy and grumpy traveller. Not helped by my air carrier Monarch penalising me for two kilo’s overweight, I was well pissed off and stealing myself for a Ryan air type of experience. Not so. Monarch was clean, pleasant smelling (a first) the seats unbelievably comfortable. Engaging, non dismissive staff and a delicious breakfast and taking off on time and landing early. Elixir met us in what can only be described as an ultra luxurious limousine vehicle, filled with ice water, reclining leather seats and much needed air conditioning.

Lovely warm and efficient staff which extended throughout the whole hotel. Long journey but pretty and i wafted in and out of sleep. We arrived and the first thing i registered was how attractive reception was and the smell from the Juniper wood flooring was exquisite, we were whisked into our rooms and having the added challenge of having my mother in tow they dealt with every request (or rather more like demandJ) quickly and with humour where appropriate. So as not to lull you to sleep i will describe as quickly as possible the jewels here. Not one bad smell anywhere in fact quite the opposite.

Beautiful rooms, perfect lighting, idyllic views, beds and linens you want to take home. The food is excellent, oh and by the way there is no pub just a lovely open bar by the pool overlooking the sea, gorgeous, hard not to spend a small fortune here, but hell who cares i’m on holidayJ the atmosphere everywhere relaxing and friendly. The complimentary boat trip, rides into Kas etc are really not necessary but hugely enjoyed and appreciated. And a proper hammam spa with treatments. I had not expected that but it was bliss and I’m a tough cookie to please when it comes to treatments. But i explained how I wanted what I wanted and they listed and delivered. Job done ! oh by the way I’m on day three of my holiday and i fell like I’ve been away for a week. And apart from waxing lyrical about

Kas itself which by the way can be walked to within 20 mins i think i should leave some bits of this trip for you to discover for your selves. One word to describe the experience. Utter heaven, pure magic. Carole Caplin, columnist for Natural Health Magazine and formally Mail on Sunday

Ruth Baker

Hi Ali, I have not been able to do tripadvisor re the above Hotel as I wished hence my email to you. Please note that we had the most wonderful 10day holiday staying at the Peninsular Gardens in Kas. The bedroom bathroom and our pool were fantastic we could not have wished for anything better. The food was so remarkable we never ate out. The staff were 11 out of 10 and I would task anyone to find fault with this exceptional hotel. On top of all this we had wall to wall sunshine the whole time we were there. We look forward to returning in the very near future. If you can put this letter onto the trip advisor please do. Kindest regards Ruth Baker

Jonathan Firth

Good Afternoon, I just thought that you would like to know that our client Mr Firth has just returned from Penisular Gardens, Kas and has thanked both ourselves and Elixir for a wonderful holiday. He said that the hotel was beautiful, the food was wonderful and the staff were extremely helpful. Overall, he had a lovely holiday so thank you for your assistance. Kind regards, Karen. Karen Cioma-Park DIRECTOR Chester Travel Connection

Mathieu Walker & Kirsty Brown

Just a short message to say thank you for the upgrade (Silver room, Peninsula Gardens, Kaş) that we enjoyed during our holiday in August.

We had a fantastic time and loved the hotel. The service was also excellent.


Brenda Judge

Just a short note to say thank you for organising our trip(Brenda Judge x2 in Platinum for 11 nights returned last night) Everything transport, flight you arranged, documentation worked like clockwork. I will certainly use you again. We loved the hotel especially the suite we had. Pool, terrace were marvellous and as you described. I cannot say enough to praise the members of staff who worked at the hotel. They are the hardest and most genuine hotel staff I have encountered in years. This will be reflected in my trip advisor report. The food also was in our opinion exceptional and we have travelled extensively. I would be back in a minute if we could. It has carved a place in my heart which is very unusual for us. I hope you are able to use constructively and once again thank you. Brenda