Special Occasions

Turkey is a land where romance flourishes. All the ingredients are there: shimmering moonlight on silver blue seas; waves rolling into endless sandy beaches; verdant countryside with riotous blooms of colour; candlelit restaurants serving dishes you find nowhere else on earth; classical ruins baked in sunshine, where lovers held trysts thousands of years ago.

No wonder so many of our guests make their holidays a celebration of the special moments in their lives. Honeymoons, anniversaries, engagements, birthdays – there’s nowhere like Turkey to make memorable moments truly unforgettable.

So we’ve made a speciality of the art of celebration. Our teams at the Peninsula Gardens in Kas and the Likya Gardens in Kalkan have become masters of the unexpected and the romantic.

Whether you want a proposal delivered by a paraglider to the wooing tune of a solo violin, or a party of friends and relatives dancing in the moonlight, we have perfected the art of the magical memory.

Both hotels are perfectly placed to provide the setting and the surroundings that make the moment. They command wonderful views of the sea and the surrounding hills and islands, whether they are moonlit or bathed in sunshine. And, of course, you have all the seclusion and privacy you could wish for, including your own private pool.

Ask us about planning your special occasion when you book. Or, if like one of our lovestruck guests you are so overwhelmed by the romance of the moment that you propose on the spot, simply talk to our teams in Turkey. They’ll know exactly how to turn a sudden impulse into a lifelong treasured memory.